We have teamed up with British Gypsum - a company with over 100 years’ experience in creating innovative high-performance products that help build better spaces to live, work and play.

Our 'innovation homes' showcase our lifestyle enhancement package featuring a couple of additional products as standard – Gyproc Habito super strong walls and Silent Floor product from British Gypsum. 

Super strong walls with Gyproc Habito plasterboard

Gyproc Habito is engineered to support the way you live. The secret of its effectiveness lies in its innovative board technology which provides a considerably enhanced performance compared with standard plasterboard.

You can now enjoy the benefits of internal walls which are five times stronger than standard walls. Imagine being able to hang a heavy TV on the wall without touching a drill or specialist fixings..

With Gyproc Habito super strong plasterboard in our innovation homes it eliminates fiddly DIY and minimises the potential for everyday life to damage your brand new walls. This durable plasterboard feels reassuringly solid and has been designed to withstand everyday scrapes from furniture, toys and everyday living – ensuring the walls of your home stay looking smarter and fresher for longer.

Watch a video explaining the benefits here.

Enjoy a quieter home

A busy home doesn’t need to mean a noisy space. Using British Gypsum 'Silent Floor' product, our innovation homes have incredible acoustic performance – up to 15 decibels quieter than Building Regulations, meaning that every member of your family can enjoy their activity without disturbing other people in the house. It works by simply reducing impact noise between floors, such as footsteps and airborne noise. So whether you want to enjoy a tranquil soak in the bath or listen to your favourite show on TV, everybody can ensure a quieter space. Perfect for families where people are waking and sleeping at different times – day, or night.

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* Please note marketing material should be treated as general guidance and does not form part of any contract or warranty with Gentoo Homes. These products only apply to specific plots and developments.